AIE/6Sight Partnership

AIE/6Sight Partnership


The Association of Imaging Executives (AIE), a PMA member association focusing on leadership issues, recently announced it is partnering with Future Image to host the 6Sight Future of Imaging executive conferences. AIE and Future Image have reached an agreement in principle and are currently finalizing details of the working relationship, while plans for the next edition of 6Sight have already begun. The next conference will be held in Monterey, Calif., October 17- 18, 2007.

6Sight explores the opportunities and challenges the future of imaging has in store for customers, and the resulting challenges and opportunities for vendors and resellers throughout the imaging supply chain. The program features a unique mix of audiovisual presentations, new technology demonstrations, interactive panel discussions and technology showcases. The audience is composed of senior executives (CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, VPs, directors, etc.) from companies involved in the market for digital imaging products: vendors, retailers, and large users of imaging technology (business, government and education); as well as industry analysts, venture capitalists and media representatives.

The two-day program of the 2007 edition examines future directions for devices used to capture, display, share, publish and manage digital still and video images, as well as the explosion of user-generated visual content, both of which are transforming people’s lives in their personal, work and community spheres. Innovative technologies and services will be featured and demonstrated, often for the first time in a public setting.

“Two major trends are driving the imaging industry forward,” said Alexis Gerard, president of Future Image, author of “Going Visual,” and chair of the 6Sight Conference. “One is the drive to capture and store data that faithfully reproduces our experience of vision – ultra-high image quality, motion, depth and more. The other is the explosive worldwide mainstreaming of image capture and communication, driven by miniaturization, decreasing costs and communication networks. These two trends, separately and at their intersection, make imaging an incredibly dynamic and exciting industry, and our program will reflect that.”