“Dog Tagging” Portable Drives

“Dog Tagging” Portable Drives


With all these compact, portable drive products currently flooding the market, how long before consumers begin complaining that they are losing the devices along with the sometimes precious data they are holding? Many manufacturers of said products actually encourage the user to attach the drives to their key chains. Ever think about how many times people lose their keys?

Enter Connecticut-based Pexagon (www.pexagontech.com) and their new services that allow owners of the company’s portable drives to customize, personalize, and protect the units. Pexagon’s myDrive Lost-N-Found and Customer Laser Engraving product identification systems enable users to physically encode their hard drives with information to facilitate quick identification in the event the devices are misplaced or lost.

The service essentially allows users to create an extra layer of protection for their portable drives. The Custom Laser Engraving allows customers to personalize their drive enclosure with original text for fast and easy identification, to catalog the drive and its data, or to serialize the drive to meet a specific corporate policy.

Paxagon also offers the myDrive Lost-N-Found solution that actually engraves an exclusive identification number on the drive enclosure, which is then recorded with its owner’s contact information in Pexagon’s database. Anyone locating a lost or stolen unit can simply log onto the Pexagon Web site and enter the engraved ID number shown on the unit and some additional information to receive a reward as Pexagon arranges for the safe return of the drive unit to its owner, free of charge. Throughout the process, the owner’s personal information always remains confidential.

Pretty slick technology and a comfort to retailers selling these things as a mob of crazed customers seeking lost drives with a year’s worth of images on them is the last thing anyone needs. Bravo to Pexagon for this one and let’s hope we start seeing the technology show up elsewhere as well.