Answers From the Kingston Icons

Answers From the Kingston Icons


Kingston Technology Company, Inc., recently announced it has posted answers to a new series of questions submitted by professional and aspiring photographers on its Ask the Icon interactive feature on the “Icons of Photography” microsite at 

“Kingston’s ‘Icons of Photography’ continues to generate interest from photographers worldwide who have specific questions to ask of some of the world’s most-respected photographers,” said Jaja Lin, Flash memory marketing manager, Kingston. “Providing a platform for sharing thoughts and ideas was the impetus for creating the ‘Icons of Photography’ program and we’re pleased to see that consumers and pros alike are utilizing this resource to forward their own careers and creative interests,” added Lin.

Questions submitted by photographers from Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Europe and the U.S. were addressed by Kingston’s Icons including Harry Benson, Colin Finlay, Gerd Ludwig and Peter Read Miller. The Icons offered sage advice on topics including shooting in extreme conditions, how a publication captures events from multiple angles and finding work as a photographer.

“It is encouraging to see how many people who really want to learn more about photography and take their work to the next level,” said Peter Read Miller, Sports Illustrated photographer who recently photographed the Super Bowl and is preparing for the 2008 Summer Olympics. “Consumers are looking at their photography as a form of personal expression and that is always a good thing,” Miller added.

Kingston will publish the next round of Critique My Image later this month. Visitors are encouraged to submit any photographs they would like to have critiqued by Kingston’s Icons. Submissions can be made through HYPERLINK “”