Apple Leads Most Admired Companies List

Apple Leads Most Admired Companies List


Fortune magazine has released its annual World's Most Admired Companies list, and Apple has taken the top spot for the third year in a row. In fact, Apple received more votes in the survey than every other company put together.

According to Fortune, which conducted the survey in conjunction with management consulting firm The Hay Group, the survey by businesspeople had its highest response rate ever.

“What makes Apple so admired? Product, product, product,” Christopher Tkaczyk of Fortune wrote in the survey. “This is the company that changed the way we do everything from buy music to design products to engage with the world around us. Its track record for innovation and fierce consumer loyalty translates into tremendous respect across business' highest ranks.”

Apple was followed on the list by second-place Google; Microsoft came in 11th and IBM 15th. Among companies in electronics retail, Amazon placed fifth, Walmart 9th, Costco 21st, Target tied for 22nd and Best Buy 37th. Other manufacturers included Intel (31st), HP (32nd),  Sony (38th), Nokia (41st) and Samsung (42nd).