In the Swim With Mitsubishi

In the Swim With Mitsubishi


With a variety of Olympic athletes signed to its marketing agency, Arluck Promotions has been touring the country for the last year on the Swim Champions Fitter & Faster Tour: a 50-city tour of the United States that puts its clients in the pool with swimmers of all ages. At every stop, Arluck Promotions has inspired young swimmers to live active lives, and the company uses the Mitsubishi CP-3800DW photographic printer to provide on-site photos for the tour attendees.

Before purchasing the Mitsubishi CP-3800DW, Arluck Promotions was forced to use a local convenience store for picture development. Not only was the process time consuming and costly, but it also resulted in a number of development problems that caused the staff to search for new options. What Arluck Promotions found was the CP-3800DW: Mitsubishi’s printer that combines high resolution and high-speed printing with an innovative, space-saving design.

“The CP-3800DW printer has definitely streamlined the picture process significantly, because if there is a picture that doesn’t turn out correctly or one of the children decides they want a duplicate, we can automatically print the photo on-site as opposed to having to go and get a new one,” said David Arluck, CEO of Arluck Promotions. “As much as we like it, I think that the parents like it more, because they get to bring home an autographed picture of their child posing with a gold-metal athlete.”
In addition to the speed of delivery, Arluck Promotions selected the Mitsubishi printer for its versatility and durability. The CP-3800DW incorporates a unique roll-type mechanism for jam-free reliability, and it provides bright, bold colors along with a level of accuracy that leaves it suited to handle a wide range of photo processing applications.

“The Mitsubishi CP-3800DW was made specifically for applications like the Arluck Promotion events,” said Darla Achey, Marketing Specialist for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. “It’s portable, fast, and above all, reliable, which makes it the perfect option for anyone who needs to deliver on-site prints.”