New Innovative Online Sell-Through for Retailers

New Innovative Online Sell-Through for Retailers


As more and more photo retailers use the Internet to promote their business and generate new customers, the need to keep a customer online and on their site is becoming paramount today. 

The “Brick and Mortar” business model is slowly changing and smart photo retailers are now finding innovative ways to interact with their customers, and keep them in the shop, online – even when the doors are closed.

But understanding this new business model involves more then just who has the best prices on products.  Pricing is just one aspect, but customers still want good “customer service”. How does one address this issue and still maintain a competitive edge online. We are finding more and more these days that one way to enhance a website is to offer more then just tangible items, we need to support our customers with education in their goal to become better photographers.  Why have your customers stray away to un-reputable sites in an effort to learn more about what you sell? Now you can actually lend them a hand with a new service called Digital 1 to 1.

Digital 1 to 1 not only bridges this gap in customer service, but this service can actually generate more traffic to your site. The creators and owners, Santino Zafarana and Ken Pivak have found a way to educate everyone. Digital 1 to 1 is making digital photography simple. Their abundant library of in-depth educational photography videos delivered via the Web, offers lessons ranging from beginner to advanced instruction on how to take the best possible images. Their videos range from 4 to 6 minutes each, are straightforward, easy to understand and are available 24/7 online, with new videos added each month. Whether you work with a PC or a Mac, they are free to everyone.  The videos are easy to navigate and with their extensive table of contents retailers might actually learn something new or simply refresh their knowledge on a particular topic. Their tips and techniques are quite informative and offer an unprecedented way of seeing photography like a pro.

But perhaps the best aspect of Digital 1 to 1 for retailers is the fact the videos can e-commerce sell through of products while customers are viewing the videos; – because the videos are running right on the retailer’s site.  The creators have made it extremely simple to upload and change ads that may run on the same page as the videos.

Since their launch last August 2008, Digital 1 to 1 has received as many as 200,000 hits a month driving more valued customers to retailers’ websites off of subscriptions to this innovative service. They have also produced over 40 different educational videos that are now available for viewing.

Digital 1 to 1 can provide an online presence, and assist in generating more sales, even when the doors to the brick-and-mortar shop are closed.

To contact Digital 1 to1 check out or e-mail Santino Zafarana at