CES Will Go Green in 2008

CES Will Go Green in 2008


At its CES Unveiled event in New York on Tuesday, the Consumer Electronics Association announced that the upcoming 2008 International CES will “go green,” achieving complete carbon neutrality for the first time in its history.

The greening of the event, CEA President/CEO Gary Shapiro said, will be a multi-pronged effort. It will entail a “six-figure check” to www.CarbonFund.org in order to fund reforestation, to “offset” the 20,000 tons of carbon typically associated with CES.

The effort also includes a mandate that vendors participating in the event must recycle, while badges at the event will be made from recycled material. In addition, attendees will be given the opportunity to themselves purchase offsets for their own travel to the show.

These steps, Shapiro said, will make CES the largest carbon-neutral event of its kind in history.