Blimp Pimping

Blimp Pimping


When we thought about this one for a minute the only real question to ask is, “What took so long?” Advertising on the sides of blimps…well of course.

Other than the usual line-up of single-sponsored blimps like Fuji and Goodyear, smart marketers looking to “rise above” the competition, not to mention all the advertising clutter at ground level, having taken to the sky. A Florida-based company called the Lightship Group is providing the means to do exactly this with their new line of Super-Blimps – blimps built significantly larger than the aforementioned, that float approximately 1,000 feet in the air, travel 15 miles per hour, and sport a 70-by-30-foot LED screen. The company describes the screens as a “floating drive-in movie screen.”

The company claims that clients have been renting the blimps to show their newest commercials, sports highlights, movie trailers, or just about anything else that would normally be shown on TV. “It totally rises above the clutter because this is the only one of its kind in the world,” said Toby Page, Lightship group marketing director. “It’s never been seen before, so it gets a huge amount of attention.” Page adds that the new blimp is the crossroads of technological advances in both balloon and LED technology, with stronger lift power, a more durable “envelope” (the part that fills with helium), and lighter, higher-quality electronics. Check out to find out more.