Bogen Intro’s Café Workshops

Bogen Intro’s Café Workshops


We’re seeing more and more manufacturers beginning to offer various educational programs to consumers and retailers and this encouraging trend continued this past week as Bogen announced the Bogen Café, “a workshop environment offered to college students that explores imaging topics in actual situations that are rarely discovered within the confines of a classroom.”

The Bogen Café intends to target 20 colleges and 20 dealerships per year for the next four years, beginning this month. Anticipating a reach of hundreds of photographers at each location, participating schools will be able to select from the Bogen Imaging Workshop Café Course Menu, regarding which specific programs they would like presented. Workshop topics include advanced lighting, location lighting, fine art digital printing, large scale pigment printing, fine printing, Adobe Lightroom, and more.

Bogen explains that each workshop will kick off with an evening lecture that showcases the work of Steven Katzman, a self-taught photographer, author, and professor of photography at Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD), Sarasota, FL. The lecture will be open to the entire student body and the local photographic community.  The next day will be comprised of two workshop courses that have been selected by the college and is open only to the student body. The workshop will be followed up the next day with a program at a participating photographic dealer. To find out more and for a complete schedule check out