Casio’s Picapicamera Smartphone App Instantly, Automatically Sends a Photo to Subject

Casio’s Picapicamera Smartphone App Instantly, Automatically Sends a Photo to Subject


Dover, NJ—Casio’s new smartphone app, Picapicamera, employs visible-light communication technology to enable people being photographed to add a sticker or message digitally to a photo being taken on their friend’s smartphone. Those photographed then instantly receive a copy of the photo on their own phone.

Casio provides the iPhone version of this application free of charge at the App Store maintained by Apple. Picapicamera is the world’s first smartphone app to employ visible-light communication technology, which sends digital signals using blinking light that the human eye can see. It uses one smartphone screen to send a blinking signal that is read by the camera on the other smartphone.

Picapicamera-installed smartphones enable users to add a sticker or personal message of their choice to a photo taken on another smartphone. First, the person being photographed specifies a message on his/her smartphone, and the screen starts blinking. Then, when the photo is taken on the other smartphone, it detects the signal and applies the message automatically and instantly to the captured image. There are 30 types of stickers to choose from, as well as a selection of 20 standard messages and the ability to write your own. And, several people with Picapicamera-installed smartphones can simultaneously apply unique messages to a group photo.

When a photo is taken on a smartphone with Picapicamera communication activated, the photo with a sticker and/or message is automatically sent to the activated smartphone belonging to the person being photographed. In the case of a group photo, everyone instantly gets a copy of the photo. Smartphones with this app enable people to share photos instantly without using e-mail addresses, text messages or social media usernames.