Cisco Launches Valet Routers

Cisco Launches Valet Routers


Cisco this week announced the launch of the Valet, a new line of easy-to-use wireless router products. The launch, which is in line design-wise with the company's Flip line of cameras, is meant to allow users to easily set up a home network.

“With complementary backgrounds and expertise, our Cisco and Flip teams have combined forces to change the rules for home wireless with a product line that empowers consumers to easily set up, enjoy and manage all of their wireless devices anywhere in their homes,” Jonathan Kaplan, Cisco Consumer Products' senior vice president and general manager, said as part of the announcement.

The system allows for easy setup of the network, as well as simple addition of devices, parental controls, and customization.

The line includes three products- the Valet router for home with wireless devices ($99.99), the Valet Plus ($149.99) for larger homes with both wireless and wired devices and the Valet Connector, which attaches wireless to older computers.

See Cisco's product site for more.