Consumer Storage Help from Avanquest

Consumer Storage Help from Avanquest


With the storage of consumer digital image files becoming a hot button topic within the imaging industry, a new solution from a company called Avanquest is gaining some steam lately.

The company recently announced the release of SendPhotos 5, a new digital photo sharing and storage solution for the consumer market. The SendPhotos 5 software, as the company explains, “is an easy-to-use software-service combination that provides seasoned digital photographers and novices alike with innovative options for sharing photos through email or online while at the same time affording them peace of mind about the privacy and preservation of their digital images.”

SendPhotos 5 subscribers essentially receive a private online locker with 2 GB of storage at and what Avanquest describes as a powerful desktop application that simplifies the process of backing up, organizing and editing photo collections. This latest version of the software has also added the ability to create private online communities where friends, families and other groups can share photos. SendPhotos subscribers can invite an unlimited number of guests to browse photos and add their own to the private website. SendPhotos will notify the subscriber when guests have added photos and will automatically download them to the main photo collection on the user’s PC(s).

Where SendPhotos 5 differs is with their “Photo Story” creator, which brings multiple photos, personalized captions and a variety of colorful themes together into a customized page that can be displayed in the online locker. SendPhotos 5 can also optimize the “Photo Stories” so they can be easily placed in the message body of an email, allowing multiple full-size photos to be sent and received up to 25 times faster , they claim, than with individual attachments.

While the software is being sold as a direct-to-consumer package currently, Avanquest is looking into partnering with interested retailers to offer the service to customers through retail. Pretty slick tool for only $29.95, as users can purchase the SendPhotos 5 software and get 2GB of online storage space, with additional storage available. We’re always on the lookout for photo storage and organization solutions and this appears to be a potentially hot one. For more information, visit