D&H Eyes New Tech

D&H Eyes New Tech


D&H Distributing said this week that it will debut a variety of emerging technologies in its products for this holiday season. These will include LED monitors, OLED TVs, the latest netbooks, front-and-back-screened cameras, flash-based gaming storage and more.

These products, from such manufacturers as Lenovo, Acer, Intel, Asus, Toshiba and more, participated in D&H’s Mid-Atlantic show in Hershey, Pa., this week.

"We’ve always found that focusing on break-out functionality is a good strategy for our customers, even if as a distributor we’ve had to make early investments in nascent technologies in order to make those items available,” the company’s vice president of purchasing, Rob Eby, said as part of the announcement.

"The earlier we’re able to embrace new capabilities, the more our customers can leverage those developments to differentiate themselves.”