Dealer Data – The Fashion Cam

Dealer Data – The Fashion Cam


Among the many things digital technology has brought to camera manufacturers is a sense of style. Gone are the black and grey, boxy design specs on the cameras of yesteryear – replaced with compact, sleek, stylish designs, the envy of fashionistas the world over. The sky is apparently the limit on color schemes as purple, green and even hot pink housings now adorn many of today’s digicam models.

While carrying a camera around used to be reserved for days specifically set aside for capturing memories like birthdays, graduations and the like, today’s “fashion cams” are

designed as lifestyle products, dangling from a belt or purse, carried around and ready for use at all times.

As part of a new feature in Picture Business/Digital Clique each month, that is co-sponsored by New Age and Kodak, we’re polling our readership on a variety of subjects and posting the results in subsequent issues. As you may have guessed from our intro, we are kicking off this new feature with a look at fashion cams – those digital cameras designed with “image”, not merely image capture, in mind.

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