Dealer Data: What CE Buyers Consider

Dealer Data: What CE Buyers Consider


CE consumers consider a variety of factors in their purchase decisions which should be understand by manufacturers and dealers, with price at the top of the list and features, and ease-of-use major factors as well. But what consumers look at most differs depending on the product.

That’s according to a new consumer research study from Parks Associates, called “The Changing Consumer Electronics Purchase Process.”

The survey asked the 2,500 respondents to name the three most important factors they consider when purchasing one of 27 product categories. When purchasing a flat-panel TV, television, or DVD player, more than 80 percent of respondents considered price the most important factor. Features/capabilities were the most important consideration for 60 percent of respondents when buying DVD recorders, cordless phones and digital video cameras, while more than 60 percent of respondents considered ease-of-use most in choosing a universal remote controller, while 50 percent picked ease-of-use in buying a home network system.

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