Digital Catcher in the Rye

Digital Catcher in the Rye


We dare say, it is nice to see digital imaging technology developed within products whose primary goal is to save lives. Enter Roadmaster USA Corp and their Roadmaster VR3 Wireless Backup Camera. For once a consumer electronics device for the car that doesn’t take your attention away from driving––instead actually focusing your attention on driving safely.

The company tells us that more than 2,400 children are backed-up over by cars each year in the U.S. and of those, more than 100 die. The Back-Up Cam was developed essentially for every large car, SUV, mini-van, and truck to protect playing children, pets, and pedestrians from being hurt by providing a completely unobstructed rear view of the vehicle.

Priced at only $149, the camera installs in a few minutes without the hassle of visiting a car dealership to set it up. A 2.5-inch color LCD screen quickly mounts on the car’s dashboard or visor and the lens easily fits along the bottom of the rear license plate. The unit can be on at all times or activated only when the car is put into reverse.

The timing of this product certainly works as Senators Hillary Clinton (D-New York) and John Sununu (R-New Hampshire) have recently proposed legislation requiring the U.S. Department of Transportation to issue regulations aimed at reducing accidents that frequently kill or injure children in cars. The Back-Up Cam represents a nice start to potential political initiatives in this area. Check out to find out more.