DxO Announces Smartphone/Image Quality Initiative

DxO Announces Smartphone/Image Quality Initiative


DxO Labs and Marvell recently announced a licensing agreement to integrate DxO Labs programmable hardware core and image processing technology into Marvell ARMADA application processors.

“We are pleased to work with DxO Labs, a leading imaging company, to enhance the image quality offered through ARMADA application processors” said Hongyi Chen, Vice President of Engineering, Marvell Processor Group and Application Processor R&D. “The DxO ISP offers our mobile customers stunning image quality for mobile connected consumer devices like cameras using low cost raw sensors or video cameras and image capture oriented devices.”

“We are very excited to partner with Marvell to bring to market our DxO ISP camera image processing hardware” says Jerôme Ménière, Chairman and CEO of DxO Labs. “Marvell customers will benefit from DxO Labs image quality but they can also differentiate their products by using optional software add-ons from DxO Labs such as extended depth of field (DxO DOP) or self learning pixel corrections (DxO DPP).”