Eye-Fi Releases Wi-Fi Study

Eye-Fi Releases Wi-Fi Study


Eye-Fi together with Devicescape,  released recent survey results that uncover current Wi-Fi usage and trends. The survey respondents shared their opinions and thoughts about Wi-Fi, its use and its general adoption – from how they want to use it during trips to their expectations about photo sharing while away from home. Some results from the survey:

• 58 percent of users sharing their photos online within 24 hours.

• Most respondents (86.4 percent) wish they could email and/or share their new photos and videos within one week, and over half them (55.9 percent) wish they could share them immediately.

• A majority of respondents (67 percent) thought that cameras do not have enough sharing capabilities built into them.

• Wi-Fi usage during photo uploading and sharing is rapidly growing, causing Wi-Fi capability in cameras to become a key selling point for 57.5 percent of respondents.

• Photo sharing is emerging as a popular use of Wi-Fi, with that capability on digital cameras driving purchase decisions for 57.5 percent of respondents.