Fujifilm Reveals Photo Book Promotion Winners

Fujifilm Reveals Photo Book Promotion Winners


Back in the late Fall, Fujifilm launched the “Best Photo Book Promotion Ideas Ever” contest, which gave the owners and employees of independent photo stores the opportunity to share their creative ideas to encourage local consumers to create photo books.

The competition’s purpose was to share ideas within the industry to drive trial of photo books.   Fuji has spent the months since then pouring over the many submissions, evaluating them for their potential to generate sales, creativity and how easily others can replicate the idea.

At the end of the contest, the below winners and ideas were selected:  

· Grand prize ($2,500 toward building idea/business): Chris Lydle, owner of Chris’ Camera Center in Aiken, South Carolina: Chris’ winning idea encourages customers to purchase photo books through a combination of personalized customer service and free samples for those who are simply willing to hear about his promotion.

Through the monetary support provided by Fujifilm, Lydle will soon offer an opportunity to all the citizens of Aiken to provide personal shots to be included in photo books that will be archived at the Aiken Historical Society and Aiken Public Library.  

· First prize ($1,000 toward building idea/business): Jerry and Ellie Feuerborn, owners of Fast Focus, Inc. in Salina, Kansas: Jerry and Ellie’s winning idea encourages customers to purchase photo books by offering classes that that provide local residents with personalized lessons on how to create the perfect book.

 · First prize ($1,000 toward building idea/business) Remember the huge folder of artwork you would bring home to your parents at the end of each school year? Bismarck, North Dakota’s Gary Grinaker of Photo Express was the contest's first place winner for his PTO fundraiser idea that encourages parents to scan their children's artwork and create personalized photo books.