Hahnemuhle’s Gallerie Wrap in a Box

Hahnemuhle’s Gallerie Wrap in a Box


An interesting “do-it-yourself” kit has been released by fine art paper manufacturer Hahnemuhle – one that plays quite nicely into the buzz that has been created around so-called “lifestyle” products. The products includes all the tools needed to do the stretched canvas “gallery” prints at home including the frame pieces, stretching bars, and various other components needed to attached the canvas print to the frame. The technique is similar, though you might not feel that way til you do it a few times, to the method used by painters to prepared canvases for display. The company admits it might take some practice before your customers are breaking the 5-minute Gallerie Wrap, but after doing one the process does become much simpler.

The standard bars included in the kit offer a frame depth of 1 1/4” tall and are available in 9 different lengths ranging from 8-inches to 24-inches. The PRO bars provide a depth of 1 3/4” and will be available in 8 different lengths ranging from 20-inches to 60-inches.

Pricing has been set at: Standard Gallerie Wrap corners – MSRP is $8.83 and the bars go from 8-24” and range in price from $56-110 MSRP. PRO Gallerie Wrap corners have an MSRP of $14.14 and the bars go from 20-60” with an MSRP price range of $82-245.

There remains, just as there was in the 35mm days of yesteryear, a fairly dedicated (if shrinking a bit) crowd of folks who enjoy printing their images out at home and the Gallerie Wrap System is a terrific and fun accessory item for this crowd. The finished product is truly standout and gives consumers another reason to print – which should catch the attention of every retailer.