Ilford Launches Photo Contest

Ilford Launches Photo Contest


Harman Technology – the company behind the traditional black and white photography brand, Ilford Photo – has announced the launch of a new photographic competition that gives entrants the chance to see one of their images on the front of the iconic Ilford Photo box.

The “Image on a Box Photographic Competition 2009 – North America” is open to all residents of USA and Canada. Entries must be shot on Ilford Delta 400 Professional film and printed on any Ilford black and white photographic paper. The closing date for the competition is June 30, 2010.

Entries have to be submitted under one theme: ‘Fine Art’. As Steven Brierley, Harman’s President of Marketing explains, “There are countless definitions as to what exactly constitutes ‘Fine Art’ photography and the debate periodically rages within the photographic fraternity and website forums. Some say it is ‘art for art’s sake’.

Some say it is a one-off staged composition or is simply an expression of beauty.  There is also a school of thought that believes it is a combination of things: original composition, technical skill, artistic interpretation and the quality of the photographic products used to capture the image.”

The company is hoping the contest will inspire the many fine photographers out there to present their own interpretation on this often discussed genre and that it will add to the general debate. For further information on the ‘Image on a Box Photographic Competition’ visit here.