Help for Images on Handhelds

Help for Images on Handhelds


As the handheld mobile device market continues to explode, offering consumers a better way to share and organize the digital images they are storing on these devices should be big business as we move through 2007 and on into 2008.

Enter Trenton, N.J.-based Exclaim, a branded platform provider of wireless applications that allow sharing and managing of images, video, and rich media. The company recently launched what they are calling a scalable platform to monetize consumers’ content on mobile devices. They are claiming their Pictavision DMM (Digital Media Management) as the industry’s first user-generated, content exchange platform for wireless carriers and handset vendors.

The Pictavision DMM has been powering user-generated content exchange for more than three years for some of the leading mobile photo and video sharing applications including Pictavision, Kodak Mobile Link, and CNET Webshots Pictavision. The company tells us that carriers and handset vendors now will have the ability to integrate a scalable platform into their wireless consumer offerings to easily connect camera phones, PDAs, and even digital cameras to virtually any digital media exchange point. Exchange points include Web services, such as blogs, photo sharing portals, and social networks, such as Kodak Gallery, FlickrT, Typepad, Google Picasa, CNET Webshots, MSN Spaces and Facebook, among others. Exchange points include photo printers and merchandisers, retailers such as Walgreens, desktop computers, enterprise systems and public safety applications.

Additional DMM capabilities include automatic correction of uploaded photographs; carrier-branded mobile blogging, photo and video sharing portals; self-service consumer provisioning tools; free-form video viewing; and tagging of uploaded content. Exclaims added that their DMM has a what they are referring to as a roadmap to increase the value proposition of exchanging user-generated content over wireless networks, including content synchronization with home media systems, adaptors for enterprise and professional applications, and enhanced content tagging for search.

“Pictavision DMM is a highly scalable solution that creates new revenue opportunities for wireless carriers and handset vendors,” says Jiren N. Parikh, Vice President and General Manager of Exclaim. “Clearly, consumers are taking more pictures and videos with their mobile devices, and they want to share, store, and print that content with a myriad of brands and services, both large and niche.”