Help With Their Space Pics

Help With Their Space Pics


Okay, file this one under the category “Silly Speculation,” but with the recent announcement by the Russian Space Agency that they are arranging for the first spacewalking tourist to go into orbit in about a year or so, is the retail imaging industry prepared to handle questions surrounding intergalactic space vacation photography?

Believe it or not, a private Virginia-based firm, Space Adventures Ltd., has already sent three extremely rich men to the International Space Station for over $20 million each. Their recent agreement with the Russian Space Agency has now enabled them to offer an even grander adventure: a stroll outside the space station for an additional $15 million.

You have to figure anyone with an extra $35 million laying around might be able to afford one of your higher-end D-SLRs and a few high capacity media cards to help record this unusual trip toward the moon. Apparently, those brave enough and rich enough to take part in this space sojourn will be tethered to the ship outside the door for up to an hour-and-a-half accompanied by a cosmonaut. It’s clearly something those participating in would have to record as the following conversation would undoubtedly take place upon their return to earth: “Hey Ted, how was your weekend buddy?” “Great, I took some aerial shots of the earth from a space station.” “Okay then….SECURITY!!!!”

A few properly shot digital pictures will surely provide poor old Ted the opportunity to verify his celestial story and stave off security. Remember, when the first consumer comes strolling through your doors asking about how best to set the ISO when shooting the earth’s surface from deep space, you read it here first.