Wireless Printing from HiTi

Wireless Printing from HiTi


With the mantra of being “committed to creating friendly technologies to simplify the workflow for professional photographers in photo business,” HiTi Digital, Inc. introduced HiTi Direct Wireless Printing Solution at PMA 2010.

The HiTi Direct Wireless Printing solution allows users to transmit images from a PictBridge compatible digital camera to a photo printer wirelessly. The photographer is free to move around while taking photos as the solution includes the HiTi WFT510, a wireless foto transmitter, along with the HiTi P510Si, a standalone roll-type photo printer.

The WFT510 is designed to work with all PictBridge compatible digital cameras. By installing WFT PC Kit, bundled with WFT510, users can also transmit image data directly to a computer, which further enhances the flexibility of this solution..