I3A Completes Cam Phone Study

I3A Completes Cam Phone Study


The International Imaging Industry Association (I3A; www.i3a.org ), recently announced the imminent completion of Phase One of its Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) Initiative. The CPIQ 1.0 White Paper will focus primarily on the objective aspects of camera phone image quality, and will include a preliminary review of attributes that affect image quality, plus a survey of current best practices, standards and metrics.

CPIQ 1.0 findings to date and the Initiative’s future direction were to be discussed in detail at an I3A Technical Forum that was held in Barcelona, Spain yesterday at the 3GSM World Congress.

Since its launch in June 2006, I3A’s CPIQ Initiative, made up of key players in the mobile imaging industry, has been working to remove poor image quality as the top barrier to the utilization and enjoyment of camera phones by consumers. The Initiative also seeks to promote growth of the camera phone imaging eco-system, and, as the organization explains, “to encourage consumers to take, share, print and enjoy images captured by their camera phones.” With the upcoming end to Phase One, I3A invites additional companies to join the Initiative and participate in developing the next set of deliverables.

The CPIQ Initiative is fulfilling its mission by providing a systematic approach to camera phone image quality testing and comparison methods, so that carriers, manufacturers and consumers can evaluate and choose the right camera phones for their needs. The Initiative will also work to facilitate standards-based communication and comparison regarding camera phone image quality among carriers, handset manufacturers and component vendors.

“The CPIQ 1.0 release represents the first concerted effort by the mobile imaging industry to come together and tackle the number one issue facing it today. The issue of image quality affects every aspect of the camera phone ecosystem, yet it was not being addressed in a cross-industry manner until I3A launched the CPIQ Initiative. We are producing the upcoming Tech Forum in order to make the industry more broadly aware of our efforts, and we invite additional companies to join us for the next CPIQ phase,” said Lisa Walker, I3A’s president. “CPIQ 1.0 is a key milestone that will lay the foundation for the Initiative to build upon.”

For a copy of the White Paper, expected to be available next month, e-mail I3A at i3astds@i3a.org or call (914) 285-4933.