Image Trends Retail Affiliate Program

Image Trends Retail Affiliate Program


Image Trends recently announced an Affiliate Program that provides the photo retailer with a commission for promoting the sales of Image Trends’ innovative software. As the company explains, the primary objective of this program is, “to take costs out of the traditional retail sales and distribution model for imaging software, while preserving profitability for the retailer.” As Image Trends explains it, the consumer today is more Internet savvy and feels comfortable downloading and purchasing software on the Internet. This commission model, the company claims, allows Image Trends to keep prices down and value up for the consumer by eliminating the selling and distribution costs for boxed product.

As has been the case for some time now, retail stores catering to professional photographers could lose business to high volume Internet sales outlets as a better price is often available than can be offered at a retail. Under the Image Trends program the photo retailer will be able to provide the consumer with the best price via a discount coupon. The store does not have to stock boxed products and thus has none of the associated inventory carrying costs, no obsolete inventory, and no customer support or return issues.

“There is a need for after capture tools that improve workflow productivity and the quality of digital images,” said Dan Sullivan, president and CEO of Image Trends, Inc. “The retailer is in the best position to encourage incremental picture taking and provide an environment of imaging magic that transforms normal images into personal masterpieces.”

Sullivan added, “The retailer is the warehouse of trusted imaging knowledge for the consuming public and as the advocate, the enabler, the teacher and the cheerleader for their customers they should be rewarded regardless of where the final sales transaction is consummated.”

The program’s details include providing the retailers with discount coupons for the consumers that are specific to the store and each of its retail associates. When the consumer downloads and buys any of the software programs from the Image Trends Web site they will receive a 10% discount when the discount coupon is used. Image Trends will make commission payments to the store headquarters for the sale of Image Trends products on a quarterly basis. Accompanying the payment will be a breakdown of the consumer purchases by store and associate. This will allow the retailer an opportunity to reward individual associates for their suggestive selling efforts as appropriate. Photo retailers that promote awareness and sales of Image Trends products through in-store demonstrations and by recommendations from experienced store personnel will receive a commission on these sales.