In CE Retail, The Key is Service

In CE Retail, The Key is Service


Why is Best Buy doing so much better than Circuit City and other competitors? According to a USA Today analysis published Wednesday, it’s all about the quality of the customer service.

The paper’s reporter visited several Virginia stores that sell electronics, along with an expert on sales training, and found that Best Buy employees were both more knowledgeable and attentive, while those at Circuit City and Target were less helpful. This dovetails with the findings of experts from Corporate Research International and J.D. Power and Associates who attribute success and failure of retailers, especially in electronics, to the quality of customer service.

J.D. Power and associates issued a survey, based on a mystery-shopper analysis, earlier this week finding that while smaller electronics stores are more attentive to customers than larger ones, but electronics-specific stores like Best Buy and Circuit City beat out Walmart and Target.

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