Innovations in Photo Imaging, A Grassroots Initiative, Launches

Innovations in Photo Imaging, A Grassroots Initiative, Launches


Leading photo imaging industry suppliers recently announced the formation of a consortium under the name of Innovations in Photo Imaging to remind American consumers about the importance and convenience of creating keepsakes at retail or online that are uniquely personalized with a photo.

Don Franz, Publisher of Photo Imaging News, is the organization's secretary/treasurer, while Manny Almeida from Fujifilm North America is vice president. Members of the consortium include Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm North America, HP, IPI – Independent Photo Imagers, Inc., Noritsu,  PMA, Unibind/Peleman Industries and Xerox.

The group, using the slogan “Photo Gifts are Fun: Make One,” will promote the variety of products that can be built form photos, from greeting cards to calendars to mugs, throughout the first quarter of this year and all the holidays that fall within it, from Valentine's Day to Mother's Day.

“In summary the aim is to simplify the process, sell the emotion of photo output, and then sound the trumpet, causing consumers to once again enjoy the virtues of life memories,” the group said as part of its announcement. “The success of the program will be measured by media coverage that is achieved as well as feedback from retailers about increasing photo sales among their customers.”

More information is available here.