iPhone App that Ties in Retail

iPhone App that Ties in Retail


There’s been much talk in this industry about tapping into the social-media craze as well as figuring out a way to engage and involve mobile consumers more with imaging retail.

Lucidiom’s recent announcement of an iPhone app that ties in Photo Finale Web account holders looks like a legit doorway in to that world for retailers.

"Synchronizing online photos with the iPhone is now a snap," Lucidiom explains, as they introduce the app they are calling Pocket Pics.

When a Photo Finale account holder adds pictures to their online collection, the iPhone will automatically display the new pictures in Pocket Pics. Photo Finale is Lucidiom’s photo-sharing and ordering site that retailers can customize as their own.

"We’re providing software and services that allow retailers to make money amidst all the social-networking hype," explained Lucidiom CTO Jason Pareti.

"Lucidiom Pocket Pics allows retailers to offer that anytime, anywhere access today’s consumers crave. And because it alerts subscribers when new photos have been added to a collection, it increases the retailer’s sales potential.

"Integrated in-store and online services are a must in the photo world and our Lucidiom APM 7.0 kiosk software features instant kiosk-to-Web uploads as well as the ability to access online photos from the kiosk. With RSS feeds able to update digital frames with pictures instantly and now Pocket Pics syncing online collections to iPhones, customers really do have 24-7 access to photos, and retailers 24-7 access to sales."

The Pocket Pics application can be downloaded for free by consumers through Apple’s iTunes Store. The app is compatible with firmware version 3.0 on the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch devices.

Lucidiom is also providing a marketing kit to aide retailers in advertising Pocket Pics to their customers. The kit includes Web graphics, in-store materials and creative marketing ideas to help boost awareness and membership subscriptions.