Joby’s Gorillapoda…A Unique Camera Accessory

Joby’s Gorillapoda…A Unique Camera Accessory


There are many cool accessories at PMA each year. However, Joby’s Gorillapod Go-Go! is definitely one to remember. The Gorillapod Go-Go! mobile entertainment kit allows you to position or attach your handheld devices almost anywhere. It can be used with cell phones, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs and, of course, digital cameras. The kit comes in several colors and includes a universal adapter screw for digital cameras, a high-quality suction cup, custom engineered to provide a vacuum tight hold to virtually any flat surface, plus two high-bond adhesive cups. It is such a versatile kit that it can handle practically any device in almost every situation.

Argraph Corp. has come up with a dazzler of its own, literally a remote control for the camera. The Twin1 R3-UT allows you to shoot a picture without even having to touch the camera at all. Super sharp photos are produced since the Twin1 prevents camera shake while on a tripod. The remote triggering capabilities can also be used by those wishing to get in the picture without having to use a self timer. Shooting portrait and sporting events have never been easier and are key uses for the Twin1. It includes a key ring attachment with quick release clip. The package contains transmitter, release cable, key chain, battery and manual.

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