Join the 2011 MyCES Directory

Join the 2011 MyCES Directory


In 2010, two thousand five hundred exhibitors showcased their latest products on more than 1.4 million net square feet of exhibit space, with a total of 126,641 in attendance.  CES attracts the “who's who” of the technology and related industries, including C-level executives from the entertainment, wireless and consumer electronics industries. More than 8,000 attendees represented companies with more than $500 million in total annual sales.

We asked what will make the difference between an average presence at this premiere industry event and an unrivaled presence and our readers said a dominant exposure in front of the attendee base in unique, convenient digital platforms.  We reached out to MyCES to learn more about this official tool.

MyCES is the official interactive online floor plan and attendee agenda planner.  It is directly integrated with the Exhibitor Directory Search and key on-site product locator kiosks.  This important tool is what attendees are using to plan their time at the show:  researching exhibiting companies, seeing their physical booth location, checking out new products and services and selecting exhibitors of interest to add to their personal agenda planner.  To date2, MyCES and the Exhibitor Directory have generated 255,620 company views.  Add to that nearly 43,000 links to company websites.  Need more?  Over 65,800 companies have been added to attendee agenda planners generating 42,000 leads.  

Why should you consider an enhanced listing?  Read on for the Top 5 Reasons:

1.)    Advertisers outperform Non-Advertisers–Analysis of recent statistics show that an enhanced company listing containing a photo and text result in 2.5-3x more impressions for an exhibitor.  Even more effective, adding multimedia to your company listing can increase impressions by 4-5x over those with a basic listing.
2.)    Stand out from the crowd – MyCES allows companies who advertise on the system more exposure points in front of attendees.  Whether it’s with a graphic images or video, a red corner peel graphic on the physical booth location, being listed in the “Featured Exhibitors” list or priority placement in the Exhibitor Directory Search – MyCES is a must-use tool for attendees and what better way to elevate your company?
3.)    Generate Leads and Quantifiable ROI – As attendees login to create their MyCES show planner, they can agree (or opt-out) to share their contact information with companies they have added to their show planner.  When they agree, these targeted, sales leads give your company the contact information of qualified buyers who have expressed interest in your company.  These accumulate before, during & after the show and can be used at any time for pre and post-show marketing purposes.
On average, post show research reveals that 70% of attendees that create an agenda indicate that they purchased from an exhibitor they had added to their agenda.

And, they aren’t just buying from current vendors – research indicates that more than 85% of those attendees that buy are purchasing from one or more new companies that they placed into their agenda planner.
4.) Reach Attendees and the whole event community – your customizable sales message can be live online before the show, on-site as attendees access their MyCES show planner and long after the event ends, since the floor plan will be live through April, 2011.  With MyCES and the Exhibitor Directory available online, you can also grab the attention of those in the industry who might not be attending the show and hit them you’re your brand and marketing message.

5.) Flexibility –  with MyCES and the Exhibitor Directory being live and in real-time, exhibiting companies who upgrade their online company listing can update or change the message at any time to compliment the show marketing strategy.  This gives exhibitors the ability to integrate the message used in other marketing channels with the online component, resulting in a streamlined show marketing campaign.

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