Kodak’s New APEX System

Kodak’s New APEX System


Kodak has announced a new minilab/digital print unit dubbed APEX, featuring an open, configurable system, that they feel meets the evolving needs of retailers, “through flexibility and efficiency in providing digital products and services to consumers.” Retailers can not only connect current Kodak order stations (up to 13 stations) to APEX to fulfill consumers’ standard print order, but can also tap the systems’ ability to accept and produce premium product orders. These products include the Kodak Picture Movie DVD, as well as posters and single-sided or duplex photo books, calendars, collages and greeting cards.

Specific features of the APEX system include: Thermal printing: time tested, market proven, high consumer satisfaction technology; Efficient Performance with Smaller Footprint – retailers can now print 450 – 2,250 pictures per hour (pph) with space requirements as small as 6 square feet; Adaptive Architecture – retailers can add printers, including wide-format ink jet and color laser printers, as well as peripherals to the system as the business grows; Dual Finish technology – with one button, retailers can offer a selection of glossy or satin print surfaces from the same media sku; Patented Clear Caption technology – retailers can configure this capability to print metadata inconspicuously right on the front of the print.