LapTop-Pro from LensPen Cleans Laptop Screens and Keyboards

LapTop-Pro from LensPen Cleans Laptop Screens and Keyboards


Vancouver, BC, Canada—LapTop-Pro from LensPen is an all-in-one screen and keyboard cleaner specially designed for LCD screens as well as keyboards on laptop and notebook computers.

LapTop-Pro uses the same carbon technology found in other LensPen products. The carbon compound is similar to the one found in printer’s ink, and that carbon compound is why newspapers have been an effective way to clean windows for generations. And, like other LensPen products, LapTop-Pro features two working ends. The brush end includes two retractable brushes: one for cleaning loose dust from LCD screen surfaces, and one designed for cleaning between the keys of the keyboard. Flip up the cleaning pad on the other end to remove fingerprints from the screen.

“LapTop-Pro is safe and easy to use,” said Ryan Keating, vice president of Marketing at Parkside Optical, the makers of LensPen. “There are no cloths, no sprays and no liquids. And the cleaning pads are made from an ultra-soft optical-grade chamois; they will not harm your LCD screen.”

Compact and portable, LapTop-Pro fits into a laptop case, so it can be taken everywhere the laptop goes. Replacement cleaning pads are available in packages of two. The MSRP for LapTop-Pro is $24.95; a package of two replacement pads retails for $14.95.