Lenovo, Intel Launch “Fun” Site

Lenovo, Intel Launch “Fun” Site


Lenovo, in partnership with Intel, is injecting a healthy dose of fun into the brand with the launch of What's Your Idea of Fun? – a website filled with exciting contests, unique video and photo sharing tools and information on the latest Idea-branded Lenovo laptops and desktops powered by the new Intel Core processors.

Designed to make the consumers’ product selection more simple and informative, the campaign showcases specific performance claims based on real-life consumer usage behavior such as multitasking, MP3 encoding, gaming and more.

Intel and Lenovo have built joint performance claims messages to help consumers better understand the benefits of the latest Lenovo computers powered by Intel Core processors compared with those from two years ago.

Among the many aspects to the campaign is the fact consumers can enjoy new tools online that tests their PCs fun performance and share their favorite memories with friends including:

• Is Your Computer Fun Enough?: Users can run a simple online tool to know their PC’s “fun rating”. The test will estimate the performance capability of their current PC on a range of usage scenarios such as creating and sharing videos, editing and sharing photos, etc. The tool then recommends how you can “up your fun” with the latest Lenovo systems using the Intel Core™ processor family.

• Fun Video Generator: Visitors can create their own videos live online, simply by uploading their favorite photos. The interactive application allows users to add text to appear alongside the photos, select an appropriate soundtrack, and then instantly create their own 60 sec fun video to share memories with friends and family. Visitors can choose to upload the video to their profile on popular social networking websites including Facebook or simply forward the video link to friends. Visitors can also showcase their fun personality by sharing their video on the Lenovo Intel what’s Your Idea of Fun Facebook page. The user whose video receives the most fan votes on the Facebook page could win a cool Idea PC.