Lucidiom Adds Blog to Pic Biz Website

Lucidiom Adds Blog to Pic Biz Website


Check out Lucidiom’s monthly blog on the Picture Business Website at

The main purpose of the blog, according to Lucidiom, “is help the photofinishing retailer sell more products and maximize their profits.” The company is taking tips they’ve learned from their customers around the globe and are combine those with data from their APM ProfitWatcher kiosk to develop a ideas to help dealers improve their business.

The various topics are being highlighted in the company’s 1/3-page advertorial in Picture Business magazine with the blog be utilized as a way to expand on the ideas being presented in the ad.

This month’s blog focuses on offering your customers printing options that go beyond the 4×6-inch print and educating them on the variety of unique imaging options you offer in your store. Check it out.