New Book Brings Fresh Perspective on Marketing

New Book Brings Fresh Perspective on Marketing


Marketing is not an exact science, and marketing issues are often interpreted, defined, and approached differently by different people, creating the potential for a disconnect in communication.

This is particular true of the client/agency relationship, which oftentimes looks at a single marketing issue in radically different ways. Perspectives on Marketing is a unique spin on the he said/she said format, giving both the agency side (Jason Miletsky – CEO, PFS Marketwyse) and the client side (Mike Hand Director of Sports Marketing, Hersheys) of a number of topics that deal with marketing and the client/agency relationship.

The book examines over 100 compelling and important marketing issues that marketers deal with on a regular basis, such as how to best measure ROI, how to determine the best means for reaching an audience, and how to craft the most effective message. Each topic is approached from both points-of-view in a conversational, point/counter point style. This unique approach provides a frank, insightful, and enjoyable look into the whole of the marketing process, and helps promote understanding between the marketer and the client.