Media Card Makers Step Up

Media Card Makers Step Up


It’s been an interesting week in the digital media card category as that product continues to move in some new directions.

First Lexar announced their new ExpressCardP2 SSD with a unique auto-backup software program.  The company describes the card as about half the size of current PC card solutions and actually refer to the card as a high-capacity removable solid state drive (SSD) that “promises to set a new standard for delivering high-performance, lower-cost storage expansion to notebook computers.” The ExpressCard SSD comes bundled with auto-backup software for protecting laptop computer files and data and the card essentially that allows for automatic regular (daily, weekly, or monthly) backup without user intervention after the initial setup. During this setup, the user can set the folder and specific file types to be included or excluded from the backup process. In addition, this automatic backup software can also support multiple computers by recognizing the computer name and the appropriate backup setting for each computer.

Shortly after that announcement, Kingston Technology announced a new SD card that features the ability to automatically upload images to the photo Web site Shutterfly.

Dubbed the Photo Loader card, it will initially be available exclusively through

Once the card is placed in a card reader, the built-in software automatically downloads the images to a PC and uploads them to Shutterfly. We are told the 1GB Photo Loader card will carry an MSRP of $12.99 and will include an offer for 25 free 4×6-inch prints from Shutterfly.