Mitsu a Retail Broadband Alliance Member

Mitsu a Retail Broadband Alliance Member


Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, America’s Imaging Products Division, recently announced its membership in the Retail Broadband Alliance (RBA), an effort to make it easier for customers to use and integrate their digital imaging products through broadband and related applications.

The Retail Broadband Alliance, an industry consortium that brings together companies that represent products and services used in the entire retail sales supply chain for data networks, was formed in 2004 by New Edge Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of EarthLink Inc.

Mitsubishi feels its membership in the RBA, “will give our customers access to a wide range of proven and emerging broadband technologies. It will also expand the company’s distribution outlets to include other member companies, as there are currently more than 225 member companies in the Retail Broadband Alliance.”

The RBA essentially works with its member companies to develop awareness programs that help both merchants and other member companies learn of new certified solutions, technology options and how to maximize value from new virtual private networks or VPNs.

“Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America and New Edge Networks each bring to the table established brand names and a reputation for reliable, durable solutions,” said Margie Chiaramonte, marketing manager for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, America’s Imaging Products Division. “The Retail Broadband Alliance is a beneficial strategy for all its member brands, enabling each company to refer the other to its clients as a recommended source. As a result, this referral capability allows us to expand our customers’ options as well.” Check out to find out more about the RBA.