Mitsubishi Teams With DigitalPost Interactive

Mitsubishi Teams With DigitalPost Interactive


Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s Imaging Products Division has reached an agreement with DigitalPost Interactive to offer Web photo album services with their DPS photo system products. DigitalPost Interactive offers user-friendly Web platforms for digital media sharing and social networking, including “” family Web sites.

Under the agreement, which will be rolled out in two phases, Mitsubishi will offer Web sites intended to provide retailers with continued online brand exposure for the lifetime of the family site. The retailer’s customers who visit the Web site to build photo albums and keep in touch with family members will see advertising for the retailer’s printing services.

The second phase of the agreement will enable consumers to sign up for and create a personal Web site directly from its photo systems – no PC required. Consumers will also have the ability to send photos to the retailer through the Internet for printing and pick up at the retail location.