New Online Price Checker: Bountii

New Online Price Checker: Bountii


In the never-ending search for the best price, consumers have a number of options when shopping online and you can add another one to this growing list. has arrived and it’s founders have added yet another wrinkle to the art of price checking – an auto alert of the newest and lowest price, as Bountii will relay price quotes on any product you want as an RSS feed, making it easy to see the cheapest price the site finds.

Another unique feature is the fact the site will pay visitors up to $6 if they find a cheaper price (they call this a bounty – hence the name Bountii) provided the price is found at a reputable store.

The site typically searches only about 100 stores, so they readily admit users may not always find the cheapest price out there. As Bountii co-founder John Puskarich was recently quoted as saying, “We intentionally keep this number small to ensure that our shoppers have a great buying experience.”

The site also claims to be able to uncover hidden prices, such as those that first require you to put an item in your shopping cart. Among the many price shopping sites to be found on the Web, Bountii, on top of offering a bounty, is certainly bringing something a little different to surfers’ quest for the cheapest price.