GhostRighters for Pro Photogs

GhostRighters for Pro Photogs


Newly launched GhostRighters recently announced the availability of its new business services for professional photographers. Designed to be a professional photographer’s greatest resource to help them effectively communicate who they are and the services they offer, GhostRighters will help photographers focus on being creative photographers instead of worrying about their writing and marketing skills.

“Get a discussion going with most professional photographers about what their biggest business challenges are and the top ten responses will always include having to write anything for their blog, website, press releases or brochures,” said Skip Cohen, Co-Founder of GhostRighters.  “Next will be their website in general and their marketing efforts. Our new company GhostRighters is dedicated to helping professional photographers with any of their writing and marketing needs.”

GhostRighters specializes in helping photographers become formidable competitors in the markets they serve by providing as much or as little writing and marketing support as they need. The company’s goal is to increase a photographer’s exposure, help them retain their current customers and find new ones, build an effective and communicative brand that is not only widely known, but widely respected, sought-after and praised.