Nikon’s Nikkor & Acc App for iPad Offers Info on Lenses for...

Nikon’s Nikkor & Acc App for iPad Offers Info on Lenses for Nikon Cameras


Melville, NY—Nikon Corporation introduced the Nikkor & Acc app exclusively for iPad, which introduces Nikkor interchangeable lenses and a variety of accessories for Nikon cameras. The app can be downloaded free of charge from Apple’s App Store. In addition, a short movie was released explaining the app.

Installing the Nikkor & Acc app makes it possible to download the contents of the “Digital Catalog,” which includes the entire lineup of Nikkor interchangeable lenses. The app allows users to search for lenses based on lens type, technology used, specifications and sample images. Confirmation of lens information helps users who are considering the purchase of new lenses to find those most desired or most appropriate for their purposes.

The catalog menu offers five items: specifications, lens categories, focal length, f-number, and a variety of sample images sorted by shooting scenes. By using these items, users can compare various lenses to find the one most desired.

A short movie, Nikkor Lens Technology, introduces Nikon’s proprietary lens technologies while The Optical Masterpiece movie was created to demonstrate the high quality of Nikkor lenses.

In addition to lens characteristics, primary specifications, illustrations of lens construction, MTF curves and sample images, accessories and external designs are included with the introduction of each lens. Plus focal length and angle of view of the lens are illustrated with sample images for easier understanding.

Information on lens basics, Nikkor lens technology and Speedlights will be added to the contents of the “Digital Catalog” in the future. In addition to the Nikkor & Acc app, Nikon Corp. plans to create more apps for Nikon imaging products, such as an app for Nikon digital SLR cameras.