Noritsu Announces Mobile Cam App

Noritsu Announces Mobile Cam App


Noritsu Koki has introduced AccuSmart Camera, “a simple and effective application for taking beautiful photos on your iPhone and your iPod,” the company explains. AccuSmart Camera is based on Noritsu’s image correction technology “AccuSmart”, which is incorporated in Noritsu printing systems and can also be purchased as an individual component for other systems.

“Some functions that are normally only available to professionals who pride themselves in providing superior photo quality, have been made available to anyone who has an iPhone or iPod,” Noritsu said in a released statement.

AccuSmart Camera processes the images automatically. Once the application is downloaded and installed in the device, the user simply chooses the AccuSmart Camera icon and takes a picture. The AccuSmart Camera software will apply optimal corrections, enhancing the photo automatically. In addition to the standard mode for enhancing general scenes, you can also choose from the following modes for specific scenes.

Portrait mode: Reduces graininess and gives a pleasant look to facial flesh tones.
Dish: Enhances photos taken of food, and makes them look more delicious.
Night Scene: Enhances nighttime city skylines and other night scenes involving light.

For more information about AccuSmart Camera and for a free download, please visit this following site.