Noritsu/LifePics Team

Noritsu/LifePics Team


Noritsu America Corporation recently announced a collaboration with online photo service provider LifePics, to provide an innovative retail photo printing solution focused on the new Noritsu D701 compact retail inkjet printer.

The Noritsu D701 is a high quality inkjet printer capable of producing a wide variety of print sizes to maximize revenue potential for the retailer. Retailers can now provide their customers with a full assortment of photo and photo-related products in stores. In

addition to standard 4”x6” prints, the D701 can produce new photo revenue opportunities through items such as calendars, photo cards, locker prints and posters up to 10” x 36”. The D701 utilizes a revolutionary new inkjet technology that radically improves the dye

ink process to provide sharp detail and brilliant colors, while producing long-lasting prints that resist deterioration from ozone and light. Ideal for photofinishing and retail environments, the D701 is an extremely compact printing system, taking up only 4.6 square feet of space. Two D701 printers can be stacked together to increase printing capacity without increasing footprint. Other features include an order sorter that organizes print orders for improved productivity and the ability to switch between sheet and roll-fed paper, which enables the printer to handle a variety of print jobs for greater revenue opportunities. The D701 represents the fifth generation of inkjet technology from Noritsu and is engineered to deliver the same steadfast reliability that all Noritsu printers are known for worldwide.

“Working together with LifePics adds the critical online component to the D701, allowing it to receive orders seamlessly from the Internet. LifePics provides retailers with the ability to have their own private branded imaging website. They also implement their solutions across a variety of photo environments such as food/grocery, drug stores, mass merchants, pro labs and event marketing organizations. We have a mutual objective in our desire to deliver profitable photo solutions to retailers and to drive consumers to retail to meet their printing needs.” said Tina Tuccillo, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning of Noritsu America Corporation.

“We recommend their online services with our new D701 to retailers who currently offer photo finishing services and want to grow their revenues with prints and photo products; and to other retailers looking to introduce new in-store services such as photofinishing to their customers. Our collaboration allows retailers to enjoy a complete photo solution from industry leaders.”