Noritsu Unveils New Compact Dry Digital Printer

Noritsu Unveils New Compact Dry Digital Printer


Answering the call for a digital dry printer with a compact footprint (0.43 sq meters), fast output speed (650 pph), a variety of output sizes (from 4×6 to 10×36-inches) and an affordable price tag, Noritsu has released

the D701. This 5th generation inkjet printer utilizes dye-based inks and features a revolutionary new dye ink system that improves the dye ink process to provide sharp detail and brilliant colors.

The D701 is especially designed for retail environments and features the same quality craftsmanship found in Noritsu’s flagship QSS series products.

The new 4-color set of dye inks (yellow, magenta, cyan, black) is actually absorbed into the paper, which enables the D701 to produce vivid prints that utilizes the glossiness of the paper. Furthermore, the D701’s portrayal of white exceeds the white that can

be produced on silver halide paper, and its black density is on the same level as prints made on high performance silver halide paper, resulting in extremely high quality prints.

In addition to using dye ink, the D701 also uses a special technology which adjusts the size of the ink dots and outputs them in 5 different sizes. The 5 dots sizes plus the no dot (white) variation provide 6 gradations that can be produced per dot. This ability to control the dot sizes enables the D701 to produce an abundant range of gradations, making for high-speed output of high-quality prints.