NRF Releases Mobile Retail Initiative

NRF Releases Mobile Retail Initiative


Thanks to features like texting, GPS and web browsing, mobile phones have quickly become a necessity many consumers cannot live without. Nearly three-quarters of retailers are exploring mobile strategies, according to a recent survey. 

However, 62 percent of retailers have either not yet begun or are only in the early stages of planning their mobile strategy. This alarming gap shows that many retailers are not prepared to leverage the industry’s newest channel.

With mobile commerce representing a major growth area for retail, the National Retail Federation, through its Mobile Retail Initiative, has unveiled the first version of the Mobile Retailing Blueprint. The blueprint is a virtual roadmap for retailers to assist in the use of mobile to enhance their marketing, ecommerce and store operations with a special section on implementation planning and technology. 

The blueprint also explains multiple secure mobile payment processes that can provide customer convenience and lower processing costs. The blueprint is designed to help retailers answer the following questions.

·  How can mobile retailing improve my business?

·  What technologies and standards apply in the mobile field?

·  What implementation options should be considered?

·  What capabilities do mobile phones currently offer?

·  What types of mobile applications help consumers shop?

·  What are the choices for mobile payment?

·  What types of mobile applications help associates be more efficient?

A complimentary copy of the 176-page blueprint is now available through the Mobile Retail Initiative’s web site.

“The Mobile Retailing Blueprint is the definitive document to help retailers adopt a mobile strategy that makes sense for their organization,” said NRF President and CEO Matt Shay.

“As smartphones and other mobile devices become more technologically advanced, so too will retailers with the help of this collaborative research. We believe it will serve as a window for industry standards that will guide retailers’ adoption of mobile for years to come.”