OmegaBrandess Adds b-grip EVO DSLR Accessories

OmegaBrandess Adds b-grip EVO DSLR Accessories


Hampstead, MD—The b-grip EVO, made in Italy by CPtech, is engineered to provide a safe support for a DSLR. The base attaches to a waist belt (or to the belt provided), and a quick-release plate attaches to the camera tripod socket. The quick-release mechanism provides access to the camera when required.

The b-grip EVO is clad with a new sleek design, additional fastening points and safety features. The line includes the following:

Universal Tripod Adapter – TA. Users can attach this universal tripod adapter on a favorite tripod to make it fully compatible with all b-grip camera accessories. It fits every tripod brand and model.

Hand Strap – HS/HS+. OmegaBrandess says the b-grip HS+ hand strap “is the only one of its kind with a built-in tripod plate that can be mounted on every tripod through the accessory b-grip TA. The plate itself has many innovative features: a screw safety stopper; flip-out platform; and full compatibility with all b-grip line products.” The “S” shape of the strap is ergonomically designed to keep fingers free to operate the camera. This “memory form” always-open position allows for easy access and has a nonslip rubber grip. The HS hand strap is also available and does not include the tripod plate.

Travel Kit – TK.
The b-grip travel kit enables users to attach a camera directly onto a backpack shoulder strap to do away with less comfortable neck straps. OmegaBrandess guarantees the b-grip TK will keep the camera close to the body without exposing it to dangerous swinging. The included waterproof cover provides protection against rain and dust.