Online Storage for Retail – New Opps Emerging

Online Storage for Retail – New Opps Emerging


Tilana Systems Corporation (, a San Diego-based data storage/data protection company, recently announced a new affiliate program and lower retail pricing for their new “Reserve Cloud-based” online storage technology. This new program, as they explain, “aggressively motivates referral signups by paying affiliates monthly 25% commissions on new accounts resulting from referral sales, continuing through the first 12 months of the accounts’ lifecycle.”

The company announced new lower retail pricing for Tilana Reserve, with entry accounts starting at $4.95 per month that include perpetual remote Personal Digital Archive, true real-time CDP (Continuous Data Protection) with instant automatic backups, automatic multi-computer folder and file synchronization, unlimited remotely stored version history, any-point-in-time folder and file recovery, offline data change caching, secure exclusive Web access to the data center, and secure direct secure access from Windows Mobile, 5 & 6.

At a time when the online storage of personal content is becoming a hot button topic in the imaging industry, the Tilana announcement certainly seems, at the very least, well-timed

“The Tilana Affiliate Program creates a new way for businesses to become distributors of Tilana powered services without the need to implement a custom network installation of the Tilana client-server model. Both together and separately, our new affiliate program and pricing promote the distribution and uptake of Tilana Reserve,” said Joe Austin, Tilana CEO.

Tilana claims that their Tilana Reserve solution, “provides everything that simple backup leaves out, plus the best possible backup thrown in.”

Tilana Reserve, they explain, goes beyond the basic online backup-archive-retrieval model, first by providing the best implementation of each component, but further by also including an innovative combination of features, functionality, and pricing, including:

• True Real-Time CDP (instant backups) with perpetual archive, far beyond old-fashioned scheduled backup

• Automatic server based sync for folders and files, across multiple computers and operating systems (currently shipping for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista 51; Mac OS X version in testing)

• Selective or inclusive protection and sync for an unlimited number of computers on the same account

• Offline data change caching protection

• Secure exclusive access through any web browser

• Secure direct access via Windows Mobile 5 & 6

 The company adds that the Tilana Reserve desktop software is a free download, installs in about a minute and requires little if any configuration.