Pentax Gallery Debuts

Pentax Gallery Debuts


Pentax Imaging Company recently opened the doors to, a site designed, the company explains, “to give PENTAX shooters around the world the opportunity to be represented in the gallery and share their most defining moments of photography.” This virtual Photo Gallery was designed, they told us, to offer space for passionate Pentax photographers to exhibit their work, share and gain resources within an artistic community, create an online portfolio, and more.

“For decades, Pentax collected the best images captured with our cameras and published the work annually in an historical, coffee table-type, book collection,” said Ned Bunnell, Vice President Marketing, Pentax Imaging Company. “Now we are taking things in a new direction with the Pentax Photo Gallery that offers 24/7/365 virtual access to the best photography captured by Pentax photographers.”

The company explains that unlike most photo sharing websites, was designed exclusively for Pentaxians by the company. Pentax photographers may submit work for display and become part of an online photography community that reflects a collaborative archive of talent. Pentax has added a space for biographies of each photographer to help reveal the personalities behind each lens. With limitless virtual capacity, the gallery already features more than 2,500 images submitted by more than 300 artists. Photographers range from 16 to 80 years of age and hail from more than 40 countries throughout Europe; Asia; the Middle East; North, South and Central Americas; Africa; and the Pacific Rim. The gallery also offers site navigation in six languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Italian.

Featuring a search engine that locates images according to camera bodies and individual lenses (as well as photographer and subject category), Pentax feels, “the gallery educates budding photographers about the creative capabilities offered by the vast array of Pentax digital SLR lenses.