Pentax Intros “Pentaxian” Site

Pentax Intros “Pentaxian” Site


Pentax Imaging Company recently announced the launch of a community-based website developed for Pentax photographers. The company tells us that the new website,, “Welcomes visitors from around the world.”

“The term ‘Pentaxian’ is used widely by Pentax photographers who describe themselves on various web photo forums,” said Ned Bunnell, Vice President Marketing, Pentax Imaging Company. “We built as a gathering place for them all.”

At the core of the site are videos that share the stories of four inspiring Pentaxian artists and their passion for photography. Godfrey DiGiorgio of San Francisco, CA, is a former NASA scientist and computer technology executive turned urban street photographer. Mark Dimalanta of Huntington Beach, CA, is a former Doctor of Medicine turned freelance international surf photographer. Kerrick James of Mesa, AZ, has been a professional nature photographer of the American West for more than 20 years. Julie Quarry of Portland, OR, is a cruise ship marketing executive who picked up her first digital SLR two years ago and now freelances on the side as a photographer.

Additional current features of include: A Community Section with a content geo cloud where visitors from around the world may submit a brief answer to the question “What makes you a Pentaxian?” followed by their name, country, city, and an image of themselves (optional); Fun search options to locate hidden promotions and opportunities to win free premium items such as t-shirts, cameras, lenses, and flashes;

An entertaining quiz that tests Pentaxian knowledge and gathers information about what it means to be a Pentaxian; Access to various Pentaxian print advertising campaigns including PDFs and wallpaper downloads; and a “Keep Me In The Loop” email signup that allows visitors to opt-in to receive future Pentaxian updates including new artist videos, product promotions and more

In addition to the launch, Pentax also recently opened the doors of to give photographers around the world the opportunity to be represented in the gallery and share their most defining moments in photography. As a companion site, offers Pentax photographers a place to display their work, while offers an environment for Pentax enthusiasts and new consumers to participate in and learn more about the brand, the products and the photographers.